Wheel Nut Indicator-WS43Y

Wheel Nut Indicator not only provides real time, between service constant visual indication of LOOSENING wheels and OVERHEATING brakes but additionally protects the stud thread. The extended versions are designed to fit vehicles with recessed nuts or trucks with front wheel trims.

Being simple to fit makes them prevalent with benefit offices and with the included productivity of a multi-size item will too decrease overhead costs by rearranging stock administration for benefit centres, truck parts merchants and affiliates. Typically simple, spares time, spares cash and most vitally, diminishes the hazard of wheel disappointment, advertising peace of intellect and expanded security for all street clients.



  • METRIC – 19mm
  • Approx. IMP – 3/4″
  • APPLICATIONS – Various
  • Tough & Reusable
  • Quick & Simple Application


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