Licence Plate Lamp LED 10-30V 90x24mm Surface Mount Black Body

Licence plate lamps deliver everything you need. Brighter, safer, stronger, easier to fit, longer lasting and better looking. These LED licence plate lamps deliver the durability of maintenance free LED technology and produce more light output than incandescent lamps whilst drawing a fraction of the current. Couple this with unbreakable polycarbonate lenses and
an extremely tough housing manufactured from high impact ABS, these lamps, are dust & water proof and totally maintenance free, with a life span rated at
100,000 hours.



  • Multi-volt 10-30V input & low current draw
  • 100,000 hour LED life span with solid state technology
  • Maintenance free
  • High impact ABS housing & sealed polycarbonate lens
  • Water, dust, vibration & shock proof
  • Simple surface mount design
  • ADR/ECE approved for all functions


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